About Us

About Us

KNT Manufacturing is a World Class Manufacturer of Precision Machined Components. We reside in a 137,000 sq.ft. factory equipped with over 120 state-of-the-art CNC Machines, premium welding services, and a Zeiss centered CMM Inspection Laboratory.

As an ISO9001:2015 Certified Company, Our goal is to achieve complete customer satisfaction.

History Of KNT

KNT Inc. was founded in 1993 by Keith Tan Ngo. Headquarters located in Newark, CA with dedicated 137,000 sq ft to machining, welding, and assembly. Our other vary of support facilities total of 35,000 sq ft located in Fremont, CA. We have enjoyed continuous growth by supporting our customers needs in Volume Production needs through their NPI (New Product Introductions) and Quick Turn applications. We have also created a focused plastics machining plastics manufacturing capability.

Vision Statement

KNT Manufacturing is a recognized World Class contract Manufacturer certified by international standards.


Corporate Strategy

To execute the Companies business, to support customers needs, to support and utilize strengths and strategies. To be a consistently profitable and competitive company by emphasizing lean manufacturing and sound, global, supply chain management strategies utilizing world class planning and accounting methods. To develop and maintain world class “core competencies” and internal manufacturing capabilities in precision machined components, ceramics, metal and plastics. To broaden and balance our customer base in order to remain vital during various industry cycles. To maintain a no violation “COPY EXACT” status for all Semiconductor Equipment Customers. To produce precision machined parts and assemblies that meet or exceed our customer’s needs and expectations. Operate under internationally recognized Quality Management Systems and continually improve their effectiveness and efficiencies.

Strategy Statement

To GROW on a profitable basis.
To ENHANCE and maintain Customer relation.
To MANAGE resources and company activities. To promote the best long-term interests of our employees.
To DIVERSIFY opportunities that will minimize current dependence on specific industries and market.

» 137,000 sq.ft. Headquarters located in Newark, CA
» 35,000 sq.ft. Other facilities located in Fremont, CA
» CNC Vertical Centers
» CNC Horizontal Centers
» CNC Turning Centers
» Manual Mills
» Manual Lathes
» Blanchard Grinders
» Ovens
» CMMs

KNT Manufacturing

» Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals
» Plastics
» Swiss Style Screw Machining
» Lathe Work
» CNC Milling
» CNC Turning
» Inspection Labs
» DCC Controlled CMM

» Design
» Support
» Software
• AutoCAD
• MasterCam
• Inventor 6
• Solid Edge
• Pro Engineering
• Solid Works

Operations Control

Manufacturing Operations are planned and carried out under controlled conditions and are consistent with product realization planning. This includes proactive customer follow-up activities.

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